Fall 2022 Class Schedule

Welcome to the


Fall 2022 In-Person Class Schedule!

I am delighted you and your family are joining me for a little yoga.

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Baby Yoga

Newborn to Almost Crawler (pre-mobile)

Oct 17-Dec 19, 9:30am

Marden Community Centre

(choose Family: sports & fitness)

For your Littlest Yogis!

Designed to be developmentally enriching. Connecting, calming, nurturing.


BABY OPTION Liam 1.jpeg

Buds & Blossoms

4+ to 7 Years with 1 Adult

Option 1: Sept 27-Nov 29, 5pm

Guelph Lake PS

(keyword: PR-6949)

Option 2: Oct 7-Dec 9, 5pm

Jean Little PS

(keyword: PR-6995)

Engage and challenge your child and yourself as you playfully explore movement and poses.

Independence, partnership, laughter.


Tot Yoga

Able Crawler to 24 Months

Oct 17-Dec 19, 10:30am

Marden Community Centre

(choose Family: sports & fitness)

Sit, stand, walk and jump with your tots as they confidently discover their mobility.

Creative, fun-loving, active.


Parent & Youth

8+ to 13 Years with 1 Adult

Option 1: Sept 27-Nov 29, 6:15pm

Guelph Lake PS

(keyword: PR-6951)

Option 2: Oct 7-Dec 9, 6:15pm

Jean Little PS

(keyword: PR-6996)

You and your youth can challenge yourselves and work as a team to explore stability, strength, flexibility and focus.

Calming, supportive, enriching.