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Is proving to be an extraordinarily challenging year. Like all small business owners, I am concerned about the impact a long-term cancellation of classes will have on

If you are able, make a donation toward the development of new and enriching online content offered by (Please note: YoginiMama is not a registered charity and cannot provide a tax receipt). If monetary support is not realistic for you at this time, I hope you will still continue to enjoy content with your family.

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Find Family Yoga Videos Below to Share with Your Babies, Tots, Tykes, and School-Age Kiddos
Baby Yoga (newborn to almost crawler, with one adult)
Explore dozens of yoga poses designed specifically to be enriching for your baby and to support developmental movement discoveries. Each class is filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding, aid baby’s digestion and improve sleep patterns. Babies will enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies or held in loving arms. For parents, this class is a special opportunity to meet other moms, get support and learn about baby’s emerging personality.
Tot Yoga (able crawler to 24 months, with one adult)
These classes are creative, fun-loving and active. Watch tots become more confident as they are encouraged and supported in their physical explorations. Your tot will playfully practice yoga poses with your assistance, while sitting, standing, walking and jumping. This is a faster-paced yoga class, because of the tots' newfound mobility and curiosity. Parents will still find time for quiet breathing and relaxation practice.
Tyke Yoga/Preschool Yoga (2 years to 4 years, with one adult)
Yoga poses, songs, stories and games are combined to create an enriching parent/child activity. Designed to suit your Tyke's curiosities while learning yoga through social interaction, repetition and play. Learn to relieve frustration, improve motor skills, and increase attention span. Help your tyke build the foundation for a healthy and fit lifestyle while having fun! This is a parented program, so you will be "showing and sharing" the fun poses and activities with your tyke.

Family Yoga

A new, playful class designed for family connection and exploration of movement, meditation and breathing. Family members work together as a team and independently to discover the most useful aspects of a yoga practice for everyday life. Every class is new and creative and designed to offer a nurturing experience for every age and level of yoga experience.